Glycols in motion


SharpTech USA produces High-Quality MEG, DEG, and TEG for prompt order fulfillment from our 3 million gallon inventory capacity.


Why Consider SharpTech USA

  • SharpTech USA produces ​virgin grade​ glycols
  • Based in Coastal Virginia, we are THE East Coast glycol producer
  • Over twenty-five years of industry-related history in the glycol products business
  • State-of-the-art, advanced engineered production system
  • In-house transport service for rail, bulk tanker, containers
  • Exporters are welcome - we do export glycols around the globe
  • Contract or spot purchase options available
  • Custom blending capacity with over 100,000 gallons per day
  • Distributors welcome with a support program 

Our distribution and delivery reach is strictly a matter of transport consideration such as freight, distance, and time taken for delivery of the product based on our customer's needs.

We quote on an FOB basis and can apply freight services at your request including our own fleet of trucks and rail cars.

SharpTech's proximity to the ports on the East Coast gives us and our customers an added advantage to export glycols in isotainers and flexitanks, all around the globe.

Industries We Serve

Our customers are diverse in their business classification. We currently supply our products to:

  • Energy producers
  • Catalyst and polymer producers
  • Heat transfer fluid producers
  • Chemical compounders
  • Chemical distribution companies

and many other applications.


Our ethylene glycols are available in a variety of grades based on end-use requirements. We offer high purity materials for critical applications.

We also offer glycol blends that are rigidly controlled. In addition to pure glycols, we can blend additives into the product for your specific need.

Quality Assurance

SharpTech USA maintains the ultimate standard for quality control through strict QC protocols. Advanced and extensive testing procedures are employed for every production run. Continuous monitoring of all specifications in production, transfer, and post-production analysis is the guardian of our product quality. If you have a special requirement for your application, we will establish the standard you request.

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