About Us

SharpTech USA is a privately owned and operated glycol producer. We produce high-quality MEG, DEG, and TEG for prompt order fulfillment from our 3 million gallons of inventory capacity. Our new production facility was commissioned in 2017. This state-of-the-art, computer-controlled plant operates with rigid safety and efficiency standards, and strict environmental control.

SharpTech USA produces virgin grade glycols. Based in Coastal Virginia, we are THE East Coast glycol producer, with over twenty-five years of related history in the glycol products business.

We maintain a 42 acre complex of production, bulk storage, warehouse, rail transfer system, and a high-efficiency energy production plant.

In addition to direct glycol production, we operate a custom blending system for specialized glycol-based products. We have an in-house transport service for rail, bulk tankers, and containers. We also export glycols and have a network of international customers.

SharpTech USA maintains the ultimate standard for quality control through strict QC protocols. Advanced and extensive testing procedures are employed for every production run. Continuous monitoring of all specifications in production, transfer, and post-production analysis is a guardian of our product quality. If you have a special requirement for your application, we will establish the standard you request.

Our history is the sum of many professional individuals in the glycol related industries. Our reputation is won every day through each team member's dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Our commitment to industry safety and the environment is paramount. We are proud to work with many fortune 500 companies among our clients.